Monday, April 23, 2012

A True Athlete

Cosi proved to me this past weekend that he is a true athlete. We were going for our second Standard leg of the weekend. If we snagged this Q, we would have our title and be able to move up a level to P2. The course seemed straight forward enough, but as I walked it, I took note of the hard left turn to the dog walk. I decided to be sure to decelerate at the previous jump and rotate my shoulders to indicate a tight turn. Cosi took the turn too quickly, and he lost his balance on the up ramp. It was quite a spectacular slip/fall, but--good news--he is 100 percent fine. No cut, scrapes, or limping of any kind. I'm always concerned that the edges of the contact equipment are sharp and can cut. I was also concerned that he may have bitten his tongue in the fall. I went to him, held him for a second to be sure he was ok and calm. I then asked the judge if I could put him back on the dog walk. He said yes, so Cosi and I did a fast dog walk (this told me he was ok mentally) and left the course. Here is the YouTube video of the run and fall.

What I like--if you can call it that--about this run is that it tells me Cosi is a true athlete in every sense of the word. He is mentally and physically ready to compete. I think all the work we do on the balance discs (the peanut, the donut, and the disc) really help him recover from a slide or slip. His stretches keep him supple. I was very proud of his trying to keep his balance, but even more proud of the fact that he got right back on the equipment with no hesitation. What a dog!

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knitgoddess said...

Congrats! I watched the videos, Cosi sure does a great job.... a true athlete!