Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cheswick Highlights

We had such good runs this weekend, but here are some highlights for me:

First, in the FAST class on Friday, we were the only 16" team to qualify. Check out this send bonus...weaves, A-frame, tunnel in a discrimination. Here's the link to the YouTube video:


On Saturday we triple Q'd: FAST, Std, and JWW. In the FAST class I was thrilled with the wrap he did on the triple. In Standard check out that GO! at the end of the run. In jumpers, check out his tight wraps on the jumps and the nice, flat jumping. Here are the links to the YouTube videos:




On Sunday we ran in Time To Beat. The little stinker walked up to the jump and started the timer before I released him! So our time of 31 second was not accurate. It was more like a 26 second run. Then in Standard the BEST part of the weekend was the opening with independent weaves. I left him to weave and got in perfect position at the A-frame. Here are the links to the YouTube videos:



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Family Weekend

We all traveled to Pittsburgh this weekend to a trial. It's a bit more work, taking all three dogs along, but the saving grace has been the fact that the facility is air-conditioned. So no lugging fans or worrying about keeping the dogs comfortable.

Cosi and I had great runs this weekend. The Fast class and Time To Beat classes added to the fun. There was a really challenging send bonus on Friday. It was weaves to the A-frame, to a tunnel in a dog walk/tunnel discrimination. We nailed it! So exciting. I'll have video uploaded soon as Jack was there to tape the runs.

Last year at this time we lost our Brisco to cancer. I see this weekend as a tribute to him. He would have loved to run these courses. I still think of him often and smile. Cosi and I are a different type of team than Brisco and I were. But Brisco got me into this sport, and for that I am forever grateful.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Titles for Brisco

Today I found out (thanks to Beth in class) that Brisco has earned some Lifetime Achievement awards from the AKC. He's earned Bronze, Silver and Gold designation for Jumpers. He earned Bronze and Silver in Standard. He was only 5 Q's away from the Gold award in Standard.

I was always so proud of our teamwork, and this recognition of his longevity in the sport is so wonderful. To a fabulous dog, terrific partner, and the sweetest Sheltie of 1999--Congrats, Sweet Pea.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Distractions & Reinfircers

For every Susan Garrett course I've taken, she asks the participants to make a list of distractions and reinforcers for your dog. She breaks it further into toys, food, and environmental items. Today I learned that the hose trumps a meaty bone chew.

I was watering the garden, and I had given the dogs a bone with meat on it in the yard (keep the mess outside). I figured they would enjoy a chew while I worked. Cosi left the chew behind and came over to the garden. I knew he loved the hose, but didn't realize it trumped a bone! I took advantage of his interest and played the 1-2-3 game and the reward was biting the hose water. It was fabulous. It was difficult for him to wait for 3 with a HOSE in view. Gotta love Susan Garret and her games.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Berks and Incredible Heat

Cosi and I went to the Berks trial this weekend, braving incredible heat (96!) and tough courses. On Friday we Q'd in jumpers, earning our MXJ title and coming in second. We also Q'd in FAST.

On Saturday we were 0 for 3. The send in the FAST course was very difficult, with only a handful of Q's across the jump heights. We had excellent runs in standard and jumpers courses, good connection, just one dropped bar or one minor disconnect to an off course.

Sunday was our day. Lucky for us my friend, Marlene, came to watch and volunteered to video us. A huge shout-out and thanks to Marlene! What a day to have on tape. We ran in the Time To Beat class for the first time. We came in second and earned 9 points. The jumpers course was next and the wild angles on this course was causing a lot of people a Q. I did a front cross on the wrong side of a jump, almost sending Cosi to a tunnel. Thank goodness I pulled him back and we went on after three spins. The judge didn't call it. Merry Christmas to us; it was a gift. We came in 5th because of the time spent spinning. Sorry, Cos. The standard course was straight forward and fast to run. We ran it in 37.2, snagging QQ #2. I didn't stick around for results. I'll check the FastTimes web site and get it tomorrow.
Here are the runs from YouTube:

Time To Beat