Sunday, July 1, 2012

Berks and Incredible Heat

Cosi and I went to the Berks trial this weekend, braving incredible heat (96!) and tough courses. On Friday we Q'd in jumpers, earning our MXJ title and coming in second. We also Q'd in FAST.

On Saturday we were 0 for 3. The send in the FAST course was very difficult, with only a handful of Q's across the jump heights. We had excellent runs in standard and jumpers courses, good connection, just one dropped bar or one minor disconnect to an off course.

Sunday was our day. Lucky for us my friend, Marlene, came to watch and volunteered to video us. A huge shout-out and thanks to Marlene! What a day to have on tape. We ran in the Time To Beat class for the first time. We came in second and earned 9 points. The jumpers course was next and the wild angles on this course was causing a lot of people a Q. I did a front cross on the wrong side of a jump, almost sending Cosi to a tunnel. Thank goodness I pulled him back and we went on after three spins. The judge didn't call it. Merry Christmas to us; it was a gift. We came in 5th because of the time spent spinning. Sorry, Cos. The standard course was straight forward and fast to run. We ran it in 37.2, snagging QQ #2. I didn't stick around for results. I'll check the FastTimes web site and get it tomorrow.
Here are the runs from YouTube:

Time To Beat




Diana said...

Yea, Congrats!!!!

Sheltie Owner said...

Thanks, Diana. It was a fun day, for sure.