Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Distractions & Reinfircers

For every Susan Garrett course I've taken, she asks the participants to make a list of distractions and reinforcers for your dog. She breaks it further into toys, food, and environmental items. Today I learned that the hose trumps a meaty bone chew.

I was watering the garden, and I had given the dogs a bone with meat on it in the yard (keep the mess outside). I figured they would enjoy a chew while I worked. Cosi left the chew behind and came over to the garden. I knew he loved the hose, but didn't realize it trumped a bone! I took advantage of his interest and played the 1-2-3 game and the reward was biting the hose water. It was fabulous. It was difficult for him to wait for 3 with a HOSE in view. Gotta love Susan Garret and her games.

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