Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dog Version of Michael Phelps

Well, maybe not that good, but Cosi is turning out to be an excellent swimmer.

Last night we went swimming, and I'm starting to take me out of the picture. I put a life vest on him, which has a hook for clipping on a leash. I put on his 6 foot leash and asked him to wait on the ramp. I went to the side of the pool and told him, "Go for a swim." He went down the ramp, hesitating, unsure. Then he finally made that last step off the ramp and swam only a small distance then made a tight turn back to the ramp. We waited a few minutes and tried again. He had more confidence the second time, perhaps thinking, "Hey. I can do this! I don't need Mom next to me." He swam farther out into the pool than ever before. By the third lap, he was his old, confident self. I want to keep swimming him in the winter, and I didn't want to get in the water with him then. We'll keep working to shape this new behavior. Maybe in four years he could be an Olympic Champion!? Hmmmm...maybe not. =:O)

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