Friday, August 17, 2012

PT Evaluation

We were fortunate enough to have the services of a wonderful physical therapist available at our training center. Many people bring their dogs because of injury or chronic ailments such as a slipping knee or stubbed toe. I took Cosi for an evaluation. I just wanted someone who knows structure and anatomy to get their hands on him and tell me how he is doing. I have found that Shelties are very stoic and don't show pain readily.

Great news! Cosi is in great shape. I watched Cosi's face during the 30-minute massage. When the therapist would find a sore spot, Cosi's eyes got real big, and all I saw was white. Then when the therapist got out his cold laser and lasered Cosi's lower back, his eyes slid shut and he relaxed. The bubble over his head was, "Ahhh. Yea, that's the spot." The therapist recommended that I add stretching to our exercise routine. Now in the evening when everyone settles in after our walks, I slide off the couch and do stretches with Cosi. He's half asleep and lets me maniuplate him easily.

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