Friday, September 21, 2012

Newest Family Member

We will be welcoming a new Sheltie to our family in October.  This is another RyLadd Sheltie from Mary Galloway.  She will be the first female Sheltie for me; I've had four boys.  Right now her name is G2.  I'll wait to see if I want to change it, but so far I really like that name.  She looks just like her grandmother, Gossip.  So, it's Gossip #2, G2 for short.  Here are some pics:

Gossip (grandmother) with G2 at 6 weeks.

G2 and her littermates at 8 weeks. Nothing cuter than pups at rest!

G2 at 11 weeks.


Diana said...

OMG is she a cutie!! Congrats!!

Sheltie Owner said...

Thanks, Diana! I am very excited to get her.