Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We weathered the storm and had little damage. The usual tree debris is in the yard, but no water in the basement or large limbs down. We were very fortunate.

The dogs came through the storm like troopers! Cosi lead the charge into the yard for potty time. Even the puppy was out in the wind and rain! Today is my first day back at work, and I miss her already! Dixie sure blended into the pack quickly and easily. It's as if she's been here all along. I was grateful for the extra two days of being home with her. When it was storming, we practiced walking on a leash in the downstairs hallway. We trained with Crate Games and It's Yer Choice games. I enjoy the foundation "work."

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welcome New Puppy

We went to Manassas, Virginia, on Saturday to pick up our newest family member. After much discussion and brainstorming of names, we settled on calling her Dixie. She is fitting in beautifully with my pack. I've started working crate games with her, and she's a quick learner. Mary was very generous and gave me Dixie's crate. I'm sure that's why the drive home and first night went very well. She slept off and on in the car. I was thrilled to see she'll be a good traveler.

Here are some pics.:

Jack has a new (sleepy) girlfriend!

Are we home yet? Dixie in her crate with her pig pillow. Thanks to Lexi, Dixie had a "friend" on the way home.

Jenny says, "Stick with me, kid. I'll show you all the good napping spots."

What a face! She is a cutie pie!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dauphin Trial

The fall season is winding down. I love the fall trials. Cold mornings followed by beautiful, cool afternoons. It's good for the dogs; they're not running in excessive heat. It's the kind of weather that you're longing for in the hot summer and cold winter months.

Cosi and I had great runs at the Dauphin trial. We Q'd in FAST on Saturday and took first place. Then we Q'd in jumpers. On Sunday we were watching the jumpers course as Karen and Riot (Cosi's daddy) got MACH2! It was so exciting; they are such a well-connected team, moving as one as they fly through courses.

On Sunday we Q'd in standard, by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin. I thought for sure we had a refusal called. But, Merry Christmas to me, we got an early gift from the judge. Below are youtube links to our runs on Sunday. If we had kept that second bar up in jumpers, we would have placed! I guess it's back to the box work in the yard, keep working on our jumping skills.

Standard Run

Jumpers Run

Monday, October 15, 2012

Keystone Trial

Anna and I competed at the Keystone trial this weekend in Barto. It was a USDAA trial, so there were many runs both days. There were so many highlights for me, here's a quick list:

Cosi finished his PD title, and we moved up to P2 on Sunday. Finally! We got that last standard leg on Saturday.

We ran six classes and all the bars stayed up in every class. That was a HUGE highlight for me.

On our P2 Jumpers run on Sunday, Cosi ran at 6.8 yps. It was a fast and furious ride; it was so much fun.

Going to the trial with Anna was the sweetest highlight for me. Aurora got first place in Starters Jumpers on Saturday! It was great to have someone to talk on the way home. Discussing the day, the courses, the "what if's" and the "wasn't it great when...s" Thanks, Anna, for a fabulous trial. Let's do this again!

Here's the links to YouTube videos.


P1 Snooker

P1 Standard


P2 Jumpers

P2 Standard

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fal Trials

I haven't written for a while as I've been away at fall trials. Cosi's jumping is improving, and we continue to work daily on it. We've been having very good, connected runs. We've been running in Time2Beat classes as well as standard, jumpers, and FAST. I like this class as you get to use either the A-frame or weaves two times. I look at it as practice for standard.

Here's our standard run from Lancaster Kennel Club's trial at the end of September. Check out that difficult sequence after the table. We nailed it! :)