Monday, October 15, 2012

Keystone Trial

Anna and I competed at the Keystone trial this weekend in Barto. It was a USDAA trial, so there were many runs both days. There were so many highlights for me, here's a quick list:

Cosi finished his PD title, and we moved up to P2 on Sunday. Finally! We got that last standard leg on Saturday.

We ran six classes and all the bars stayed up in every class. That was a HUGE highlight for me.

On our P2 Jumpers run on Sunday, Cosi ran at 6.8 yps. It was a fast and furious ride; it was so much fun.

Going to the trial with Anna was the sweetest highlight for me. Aurora got first place in Starters Jumpers on Saturday! It was great to have someone to talk on the way home. Discussing the day, the courses, the "what if's" and the "wasn't it great when...s" Thanks, Anna, for a fabulous trial. Let's do this again!

Here's the links to YouTube videos.


P1 Snooker

P1 Standard


P2 Jumpers

P2 Standard

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