Sunday, November 18, 2012

Big Girl Steps - Dixie's Training

Dixie is a work in progress! She is showing me understanding of rules, especially the self-control rules. For example, I opened a container of treats that were on the floor. She ran over to investigate. I covered the container with my fingers. She backed up and sat. What a good choice!

Her walking on leash is improving with every walk. At first she fought the harness and pulled away from the tension of the leash. Now she knows she can take the tension away by coming closer to me. Today she walked on leash right next to me.

We're playing more Crate Games, working more on the "break" release command. And--this is huge to me--she is tugging. Today she played tug with me at a new place. Excellent!

Cosi is back from being on the DL for two weeks. He had an appointment with a physical therapist this weekend, and the PT pronounced him 100 percent. We had a great practice on Sunday and tomorrow we have an agility lesson. Tuesday we practice again, all in preparation for a three-day trial this holiday weekend.

Jenny is hurting. Her shoulder has tendonitis; sometimes she is a three-legged dog, holding the leg out to keep from putting pressure on the shoulder as she walks. Other than that, she is bright as a penny.

Mike has a new howling partner. Apparently Dixie likes to chime in when he starts. The girl has pipes. Mike also has a new playmate in Dixie. His favorite game of "Chase me!" is also her favorite game. It's good to see Mike run in the yard with her.

Dixie is now four months old (as of 11/11). She's getting a bit more leg. I love her coat color. It's a light buff color with red top hairs. When the sun shines on it, you can see the variance in shades of sable. So lovely.

Cosi practices sit pretty.

Dixie at Mary's.

Jenny hogs the bed. She's allowed. She's our senior citizen.

Mike has the sweetest expression. Everyone's favorite--that's our Mike.

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