Monday, November 5, 2012

So Many Games...So Little Time

The good news is that Dixie is very smart. When we play games, she figures them out very quickly.

The bad news is that I could spend all day (I wish!) working with her. This going-to-work stuff is hampering my dog training! LOL

Here's a list of games we've been playing:

Puppy Stretches

Crate Games

Impulse Control Game called It's Yer Choice

The Collar Grab game

The I'm Gonna Smoke Ya game which creates drive for the puppy to come.

I want to add more body awareness to the list. Her walking on a leash is improving, but whenever the pack and I stop (for a crosswalk or to make a turn), Dixie feels like she has to make a h-u-g-e circle around us, coming back to where she started. I'm thinking we need to work on our sit-stay.

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