Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

We traveled to NJ this past Thanksgiving weekend for a three-day AKC trial. Cosi was terrific in his FAST runs and took first place on Friday and Saturday. We Q'd in Standard on Friday and Sunday. No jumpers Q's this time. Bummer. I had my heart set on getting a QQ over the three days. A highlight came on Sunday when Riot came in first and Cosi came in fourth. The RyLadd dogs sandwiched Maureen's two shelties. It was a 4-Sheltie finish! Shelties rule the 16" class!

Another highlight of the trial weekend was Dixie. What a great little traveler she is! Her first hotel experience, her first trial, her first exposure to lots of noise, dogs, and strangers--she sailed through it all with flying colors. We sat ringside, and she watched the action, alert and eager to take it all in. She was quiet in the hotel room, and braved the cold and wind when we went for a walk around the hotel grounds. A lot of people at the trial ooo'd and ahhh'd over her. She was the belle of the ball.

Here are some youtube video links for our runs this weekend:

FAST (first place) on 11/23

FAST (first place finish) on 11/24.

Standard on Sunday where Riot came in 1st and we took 4th.

Some pictures from the weekend:

Dixie finds the hotel bed quite comfortable, thank you very much. Here she is resting with Mike:

Dixie got a new toy at the vendor at the trial. It's fuzzy with fringe on the end, perfect for little puppy teeth to grab onto and tug! Here we are playing in the hotel room:

At the setup, Dixie visits Uncle Cosi at his crate then says hello to Heather and Jordan, Trax's family (Cosi's brother) next door. It was a mini-RyLadd reunion!

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Diana said...

Very nice runs! Congrats!