Sunday, December 9, 2012

End of Year

Cosi and Dixie and I attended our last trial of the year this past weekend. We went to the "kitty litter" trial in Westminster, Maryland. Because of the footing (sand and gravel mixed with dirt), I *love* this trial. The footing is excellent for the dogs and easy on the human knees.

We had a jumpers Q and a standard Q, just not on the same day. With those Q's we are at 756 points. *sigh* Our goals for 2013 include imporoving our jumping so QQ's are not just one bar away like they were this past weekend.

Dixie did great at the trial. We ended up crating ringside. She would look out at the action in the ring from her crate, nice and quiet. Good news there. She would bark, however, at dogs who were sitting with their owners ringside and were tugging or getting excited. Miss Bossy Britches had something to say about that!

On the plus side, Dixie was doing really good things: pottying on leash In The Rain, walking through the crating area, saying hello nicely to strange dogs (determined to be OK by me), and settling down in her crate for a snooze so I could warm up and walk Cosi. No separation crud to deal with--yea!

Cosi was a super star. His contacts and weaves were terrific all weekend. We had great courses, fun to run, and flowing. We took second place with our two Q's, which was a lovely bonus. No videos as I was there solo.

We wish you all a very merry holiday and all the best with Clean Runs in the New Year.