Sunday, December 8, 2013


Now that the year is winding down and the holidays are upon us, I have been reflecting on this past year and our agility accomplishments.

Cosi is the most amazing dog. We travel well together, we hang out well together, and we run together and have fun. Next year Cosi will be 8 years old. We will make an appearance at AKC Nationals in March. My hope is to bring home a Q ribbon from Nationals. We've had a very busy agility season this fall. From September to December we went to 10 trials. Our Q rate has been less than impressive. I don't know if it's a hold over from my many successes with Brisco, but I don't feel that Cosi and I will ever reach that level of teamwork where we can Q on a regular basis. When we do Q, we place, which is nice. I despair of getting a MACH with this dog. We have 1300+ points (you need 750) but only 8 QQ's (you need 20). I despair of ever getting into double digits with QQ's. Thus, I'm thinking that next year I will back off the agility schedule to local trials. It's not worth the money of hotels and trial entry fees to keep failing. I don't have the speed and skills needed to make this dog successful. I've always felt that with a better (maybe younger?) handler, Cosi would be MACH 10 by now.

I close this blog with a heartfelt wish of a Merry Christmas to all and many blessings in the new year.

Signing off...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Down Time

Now that the marathon of 5 straight weekends of trials is over, I'm evaluating next steps. I enrolled in Puppy Peaks again for the year, and I'm thinking of going through the body awareness modules again. I want to work with both Dixie and Cosi on rear end awareness.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Marathon Update

Cosi and I have been on a marathon pace this fall. We have been going to trials ever since the last weekend in September. We have two more to go. Last weekend in Northumberland we managed to snag two jumpers placements and one FAST placement. Seems it wasn't our weekend for standard courses. :(

I have been working jumping foundation skills with Cosi. With Judy Kolva's help, I've devised some exercises to cue him for turning better. With two first place placements in jumpers last weekend, I'd say it's working!

I had a very nice compliment last weekend. A fellow competitor--also a Sheltie person--came up to me after our FAST run. Cosi and I were eating our breakfast sandwich (thinking of you, Anna!). She patted Cosi's head and said, "Can I just say how much I love this dog?" I was stunned. Wow. What a lovely thing to say. I stuttered a reply, but really took the compliment to heart. I know I love him, but to have a fellow competitor appreciate his skill and joy of running--that really meant a lot to me.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

LKC - Fun Courses

Cosi and I went to the Lancaster Kennel Club trial this weekend. What fun courses we had! We ran in FAST, Standard, and JWW both days. We Q'd in standard and in jumpers, but not on the same day. Same ol' song. LOL

The courses were a blast to run. Here are the standard and jumpers courses from Saturday:


Jumpers (came in first!)

On Sunday we Q'd in standard and took first--Wow! In jumpers there was tunnel, jump, tunnel. And, as I feared, the jump between the two tunnels came down. But he put down a blazing run at 26 seconds. I'm thrilled with our teamwork and how aggressively we are running. Fun stuff.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I have been watching Susan Garrett's videos that she is posting on her Facebook page. It is a series of three videos about overcoming struggles in dog training. She is brilliant. In part 2 today she talked about the three ways to overcome an "issue," whether it is nipping, chasing cars, or not holding a sit/stay. There is such valuable information in her videos, and she presents it in such an easy-to-understand manner. I highly recommend you watch the series.

Then, best news of all, she is opening the Puppy Peaks on-line class again. This class, by far, was the BEST on-line class I have taken. I had heard all her phrases and ideas, but this class put it all together for me. The Ah-ha moments were coming thick and fast every week. Such as, "Oh! THAT's what it means to redirect!" or "See? That's the problem I have too! What's she going to do to work through it?" Her videos of raising puppy Swagger, now two years old, were so valuable. The BEST ones were when things didn't go as planned. I learned so much about mechanics, timing, and rate of reinforcement. I felt empowered and armed with a "bag of tricks" that I could pull out a game or a plan to help my puppy Dixie overcome an issue such as meeting strangers.

As the movie critics on TV say, I would give this video series a two-thumbs-up rating. And if you have an opportunity to enroll in Puppy Peaks, you will reap many rewards. Go for it!

Here is the link for her Facebook page:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Kind of Adventure

My sister and her family--including her 10-month-old grandson--came to visit. Dixie had not been around babies before. I wasn't sure Cosi had before he came to live with me. I was anxious, not knowing how the dogs would react to a reaching and grabbing baby. Cosi amazed me. He was so laid back, so sweet with the baby. At first Dixie was unsure about this little being and barked sharply at it. I asked her to "come, touch" as I do anything that startles or frightens her. After a few sniffs, she decided this would be a fun thing to herd. For the next three days, she circled and herded the baby whenever he was on the floor. The day my sister's family left, all the dogs slept almost the entire day. Company wears them out!

Dixie and the baby say, "hello."

The baby gives Jenny his version of "a kiss."

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fun at Aunt Wilma's

Cosi, Dixie and I went to Aunt Wilma's for a visit today. The day started out cloudy and overcast, and I worried that we would be inside when Wilma has such a lovely back yard. As the day wore on, the sun came out, the humidity vanished, and we had the perfect summer day.

Wilma has a unique back yard complete with a swimming pool, stream, pond, potting shed, and fun trails for little dogs. Her dog, Posey, greeted me as I came in the house. Posey is a dear little Norfolk terrier. As I took Dixie and Cosi on an on-leash tour on the trail, Dixie became completely fascinated with this little stone bridge that went over the small waterfall.

Here is Dixie posed on the waterfall bridge rock:

I let her explore, and I was laughing as she went all over the rocks at the side of the running water, sticking paws and nose in it.

I guess she's an outdoors dog like her mountain-climbing Daddy.

Cosi, however, lounged poolside, and sat with Wilma at the potting shed. We tried to get Posey to stay for the picture, but she was busy wanting to go visit with Cousin Dixie some more. The dogs got along great.

He was in the shade, on the cool cement, watching the younger generation go crazy for a bit of running water. With age comes wisdom, eh?

Monday, August 5, 2013


Dixie, Mike, Jenny, Rumor, Cosi, Priceless, Whimsey

We had an great weekend! There were 6 Shelties and 1 Poodle in my house. Mary came to visit and brought Rumor, Priceless, and Whimsey. All the dogs got along; Dixie remembered Auntie Rumor from her puppyhood and stuck like glue to Rumor all weekend. On Friday I had a premier grooming lesson from a pro. I trimmed Cosi's and Dixie's ears and the change in their look was dramatic. Then I learned how to trim feet and hocks. I was trying to soak it all in like a sponge.

Saturday was overcast and rain would pop up now and then. Undaunted, we headed out to Lititz to search for treasures at the various antique shops. We ate a delightful lunch at a local pub (LOVE pub food) then headed to Wilbur Chocolate factory store for some treats. On one final foray we picked up some scissors and a slicker brush to complete my grooming supplies. Back home, we fed the dogs and got ready to go to the Agility Picnic at Canine Companions Sports Center. What fun! The food was varied, homemade, and I had way too many desserts! Then we went to the van and got the dogs. We took them for a run in the fields, then over to the pond for a cooling down. Cosi immediately went in up to his belly in the pond (he used to do that when he went to camp at Coleen's). Priceless and Dixie were a bit more tentative but only at first. They each went swimming after a bit. There were lots of dogs dock jumping and retrieving in the pond, making for a very excited atmosphere. Mary said she was heartened to see so many different breeds all together, getting along, enjoying the activity. We took four tired pups home to rest up for another day.

On Sunday the day was bright and clear with zero humidity, a rarity for August. Mary and I hit the local outlet stores and found some treasures for ourselves. We got home to let the dogs play in the yard with a huge ball that I have (it's really an exercise ball for humans). It was comical to see six dogs running after a ball that is three times bigger than they are! Mary left after lunch, and as I was sitting at the computer answering emails, I noticed the dogs were all in their favorite places, sound asleep. Apparently having company wore them out. I loved it. Come again any time Auntie Rumor, Mama Whimsey, and Sweet Pricey!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Cheswick Videos

O.M.G. I just watched our videos on the big screen TV. What a weekend! He did three--3!!--sets of independent weaves. At age 7 Cosi is really coming into his own. I can trust him to do his job and he can trust me to get into place. I was thrilled with our contacts--he actually waited for me to release him--and so pleased with our team work. I love this dog.

Here are the videos on YouTube:

Friday Standard

Saturday Standard

Saturday Jumpers

Sunday T2B

Sunday Standard - a QQ

Sunday JWW - a QQ


We went to one of my favorite trials of the year--Cheswick, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It's an indoor, *air conditioned* trial with plenty of crating space. This year the judges were some I had shown under before, and I liked their courses. It all added up to a great weekend.

To qualify for 2014 Nationals, we needed 50 more points. We got 74. We even snagged #8 QQ on Sunday. The jumpers course on Sunday lent to having independent weaves, and Cosi came through like gang busters. I left him to weave and ran to the landing side of the next jump. He looked up to find me when he was done weaving (good man!!), and we were off. Only 26 seconds later, we were finished. It was a blast of a course, a rush to run.

Dixie was a superstar in her own right. She is doing very well at being left in the crate while Uncle Cosi leaves to play agility. I took her to the practice jump in the morning before the trial began. She jumped the 12" jump with ease and excitement. Only two weeks ago, she was trying to limbo the bar, going under it!

We have to find a better hotel for next year. The one we stayed in has seen better days, and the clientele was a bit iffy. There was a guy living out of his car in the parking lot. Oh, my.

Another fun part of the weekend was spent with fellow Sheltie owners/handlers. We went to dinner one evening and enjoyed talking about our pups. Gotta love Sheltie people...LOL.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dixie!

RyLadd How Do You Like Me Now turns one today.  "Dixie" is a joy with a rough and ready attitude.  Dixie-Doodle, Doodlebug, Bug-Bug, Party Pants, Fancy Pants--they all mean the same thing.  My wild and wonderful Dixie girl.

Dixie poses in the yard. She is 6 months old and needs to grow coat!

Dixie's favorite spot on the porch.

Dixie's favorite person in the world--her Daddy.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Working From Home

The best part about working from home is looking down and seeing Cosi...he is always nearby, resting at my feet as I work on the computer. Love this dog.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sheltie Sugar

Yesterday's forecast was for thunderstorms in the afternoon. So I packed up the pups in the van at 9 and off we went for an early morning walk at the retirement village near our house. It was lovely; the sun was shining but there was a breeze to keep us cool. Miss Dixie was out in front, prancing her Party Pants look. At one cottage, an elderly woman came out and asked if these were all my Shelties. I said, "Yes, they are!" as I crossed the street to her driveway. She started to cry. "We just lost our Sheltie. He was 15." I remember that dog. Kyle was a tri who came out to greet us one time as we walked next to his yard. He was a sweet, dear dog. I had talked to this woman and her husband, and we found that we had some other Sheltie owners in common.

She called to her husband, who came out to admire my dogs. And something special happened. Mike--who hates to be touched--went up to this man and let him pet and stroke his back. That gesture usually makes Mike yipe and move away. Then Mike moved away slightly, and CAME BACK for more petting. How special is that? The man was saying that he is 85 so they don't want to get another dog. I told them they can get some Sheltie Sugar anytime I'm out walking.

We stayed for about 10 minutes, talking, petting the dogs. Dixie tried to jump up and bite a nose when a face got too close. We all laughed. As I walked away, the woman had her face in her hands, sobbing, mourning the loss of her Kyle. I, too, was teary, knowing her pain. We've all been there. That's why we have to love them while they are here.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let the summer begin...

My favorite time of year is the summer. Love the heat, love the lazy weekends (when there is no agility!), and love the long days. We have been having company non-stop since the beginning of May! I was thrilled to see our Anna and Aurora in May. Aurora went to agility practice with us, and showed she hasn't lost a step. Anna was inspired to find an agility club in her new home. She got her first calling in Edmonton at a local church. SO PROUD and HAPPY for her! Then we visited family for a week while the pups stayed at home. I missed them so much. I came back on agility class night. After riding a full day in the car, I packed up the gear bag and we headed out. Cosi was fun and brilliant, meeting challenges in class and loving it. Dixie continues in her foundation training. We have a light agility schedule this summer, hoping to snag those 50 points we need for Nationals.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dear Santa...

I felt this weekend was like Christmas, so many gifts and blessings came our way.

First, Mary came all the way from Virginia to visit with us and to see Cosi run and check on Dixie. (She measured Dixie at 12". Perfect.) It was a terrific visit; the only drawback was that it was too short. Cosi and I were really clicking this weekend: we Q'd in FAST, took first in T2B (for the first time ever!), QQ'd on Saturday and Sunday, took first in standard on Saturday, and finished all but 50 points to qualify for Nationals next year. As if that weren't enough, the cherry on the sundae was Mary seeing us run.

I heard from friends at the trial that it was officially announced that Nationals will be in Harrisburg, PA, next March. Unbelievable! That is only 40 minutes away. See what I mean about Christmas and blessings!? A stellar weekend with the best dog on the planet.

Video from Sunday:



Monday, April 29, 2013


First of all, Happy Birthday to Mike (see his picture at the top of this page)! He was Big Boy 9 on Friday!

Cosi and Dixie and I traveled to Maryland for the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Baltimore trial. That club always runs a top-notch trial. It was a fun weekend, and Cosi and I were clicking. It was also a RyLadd time in that Cosi's brother, Trax, was there and Dixie's mother, Riddle, was there.

We got an elusive QQ on Friday. I was so thrilled because we had really been connected lately. I love that feeling. Another highlight of the weekend was seeing Miss Jordan and her Sheltie Maverick tear up the courses. She nailed the Time 2 Beat course on Sunday along with the Novice JWW course. I was ring crew for the Novice JWW class and saw dog after dog struggle, drop bars, and go off course. Jordan came to the line, aggressively ran her dog and came away with a 17 second time! The judge was so impressed that she called out, "Now *that's* how it's done!"

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dixie Continues To Study The Master

As I watched Cosi's videos on the TV, Dixie came over and was completely fascinated. She sat stone still, watching the runs on TV. Thanks to Heather for capturing the moment as I was focused on watching the TV too.

Now that Dixie has studied the Master, I'm thinking I'll give her a pop quiz: True or False? Listening to Da Momma is critical on course? LOL

Sunday, April 21, 2013

USDAA Showcase Weekend

Wow! What a weekend. Cosi was the best dog on the planet this weekend, with Dixie coming in a close second. First, Cosi...

We are now in P2 in USDAA and entered the Showcase because it is so close to home. It is the perfect opportunity to get a boatload of runs. I didn't enter any tournament rounds as they tend to occur so late in the day at a huge event like this.

We ended up qualifying twice on Friday in Gamblers and Pairs, once on Saturday in a much-needed Jumpers course, and twice on Sunday in Pairs and Snooker(!).

Heather and her daughter, Jordan, came to stay with us and made the entire event fun. Their dogs Trax and Maverick blended into our pack, going for runs in the yard with my gang as well as on nice walks in the evening.

Jordan was a great cameraperson for Cosi and me. Thanks to her I have video of our runs. Here is the list on YouTube:

Friday Gamblers

Friday Pairs with Trax (da brudders)

Saturday Jumpers

Sunday Pairs again with Trax

My favorite run with Cosi - Snooker

Dixie was great on Friday and Saturday at the trial. She is learning to hang out in the soft crate with Cosi, how to be left behind when he goes for a run, and how to walk around a trial site with manners (no, you don't lunge at every dog you see; yes, strangers are going to pet you). My friend Nancy was crated next to us (it was Sheltie-ville in our area). Her brother, Mike, had a camera and took some pictures of Cosi and Dixie. I love how he captured their expressions. He very generously gave me a CD of the photos he took. Here are my favorites:

Cosi looking at me. I love the sweet potatoes on his chin whiskers!

Dixie watches me, holding position for a treat.

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Good Sunday

Cosi and I came together as a solid team on Sunday, turning in three great runs at the DDTC trial in Palmyra. Our Time 2 Beat run was good enough for 9 points, only 1 second off the lead time. That's OK with me; I made him hold his contacts. The standard course was very technical, lots of off-course possibilities. Some people were calling it "trappy." I was thrilled that he kept his start line stay and I led out two jumps. His contacts were solid, his weaves, unbelievable, and a fabulous "go" command at the end to run ahead of me into the tunnel. My classmates from the Wednesday night agility class cheered when we finished. I was so happy to hear that, I turned around and waved!

Jumpers was a loopy course, and I was worried I would forget the course or get lost. I had planned to do three front crosses and one rear cross. I am delighted to say that I got all of them in! Sadly, he dropped the last bar. BUT it was a fabulous, connected run. It was the best time we've done in jumpers this year.

Jack was at the trial to tape the T2B and standard runs. Here are the videos on youtube:

Standard Run

Time 2 Beat

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Training & Trials

Cosi and I have been busy training and going to trials this spring. Here it is mid-April already! We will be at trials every weekend now until mid-May. In training we are working on the "new" style of handling which includes a lot of 180's and wrapping around the back side of a jump. I've been lax with his contact work, so I'm ramping that up (no pun intended, well...maybe pun intended) as well.

Dixie continues to learn and play. She had the best time last night. I took Cosi for a run in the field and had Dixie come along, off leash. She was superb, coming back to me when called. Then Coleen brought two of her dogs out to run. Well! Miss Dixie was in heaven. She ran, chased other dogs, got chased by other dogs, and sprinted after a toy, keeping up with everyone. On the way home, she was sleeping so soundly in her crate, completely worn out. That's good to see. Good exercise + good mental stimulation = good rest.

We've been having a spurt of super warm--summer-like almost--weather this week. It makes me think I need to get Cosi back into swimming. So much to little time!

Monday, March 25, 2013

SOJAC Trial #2

Here are the links to our Sunday runs on


Jumpers with Weaves


This weekend we traveled to New Jersey to attend the SOJAC trial. Cosi Q'd in FAST on Saturday, with a score of 78 in only 29 seconds. We love FAST class. Then on Sunday we had a very technical course in standard with wrap arounds twice on the course and an ending that caught a lot of teams. I bet the Q rate on it was about 10 percent. So I looked at it as a good training run. Cosi came up to the challenge with gorgeous wraps, nice and tight around the uprights. He dropped the panel bar (ugh!!) but otherwise had a fabulous run. I was thrilled. To "make up" for the difficult standard run, the jumpers course was f.u.n. It flowed, it was fast, it was a blast to run. We Q'd with a time of 27.10.

Dixie was the belle of the ball back in the crating area. She met another RyLadd dog, Wicked. She was flirting non-stop with Wicked, who has modeled for Ralph Lauren! Here is a photo of the RyLadd gang (Caitlyn, Wicked, Bonnie, Dixie, and Cosi).

Dixie also made it into the stands to watch the action.  Here she is sporting her new Foxfire leash: 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day (to me)

This weekend at the York County Dog Training Club trial, Cosi had a great showing. On Friday and Saturday he had gorgeous clean runs in standard and took first place both times. (Note: All the big dogs were at AKC Nationals, leaving room for us wanna-be's to place! LOL)
On Sunday--St. Patrick's Day--Cosi had two faults in standard. I was so bummed. It was a great course, flowing and fun to run. But I was d-e-t-e-r-m-i-n-e-d to get a jumpers Q this weekend. We seem to be snakebit in jumpers; always one thing going wrong. Sunday's course was fabulous with two beautiful straight lines. We had a superb run and came in Cosi's brother Trax! How cool is that!!??!! I was over the moon for Heather and Trax who turned in a great run 2 seconds faster than Cosi. Plus, it was a QQ for her and Trax. Here is the video of the jumpers run (thanks, Jack).

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Say Cheese!

There were a number of RyLadd dogs at the TBAC trial this weekend. Cosi and his brother Trax got together for a photo shoot on Sunday...

Cosi (left) and Trax (right)

Bonnie, Cosi, Trax, Heather

Cosi, Bonnie, Dixie, Trax, Heather

Thanks, Heather, for the great photos of the RyLadd Boyz (and Dixie, too)!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Go Team!

Jack bought this picture from Barry Rosen Photography. Love that it is of both of us. So often the pictures only include the handler's foot or leg. Cosi looks fabulous, and those back legs give me a clue as to why bars drop!

Photo by Barry Rosen

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Van Detail

At the trial last weekend I bought a custom car magnet. I love reading the vanity plates at a trial. My favorite of all time is Shirley Barkan's plate on her Poodle van. It's PQQDLES. Get it? QQ? I'm not that clever, so I bought a magnet that has Cosi's registered name on it. Here's a picture of Dixie, me, and Cosi in the hotel room with our new prize:

Now I'll be able to find our van in the sea of agility vehicles at a trial!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bayshore Trial

What a weekend! Cosi and I started the 2013 season at the Bayshore trial in New Jersey at Dream Park. On Friday we ran in FAST and NQ'd on a really difficult send bonus. It was A-frame, tunnel, then a jump. The entrance to the tunnel was the far end so the dog had to pass one entrance and go in the next. Cosi just went in the wrong entrance. Many dogs took the off-course dummy jump that was just outside the send bonus line. We had a great run, a good way to get in the flow of running at a trial. Then we Q'd in standard and came in third after Karen Gaydos' two awesome dogs (one of which is Cosi's daddy!).

Saturday was our big day. We Q'd in FAST with 79 points (a perfect score is 80) and went on to jumpers. We had a glorious run and came in 5th. Then standard...we ended up tying for second place with a super dog owned by Maureen Waldren. So a QQQ on Saturday with placements. Awesome.

We NQ'd on Sunday with one bar down in standard and two down in jumpers.

The courses all weekend were fabulous, flowing and challenging. We got three Q's towards our qualifications for next year's Nationals and one QQ. We are now up to 4 QQ's towards the MACH title.

Sunday was our wedding anniversary. What more proof of love do you need when your spouse is supporting you in your passion, your pastime. I've always said you gotta love a man who loves a Sheltie. Love you, Jack. Thanks for a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! It seems Dixie has an secret sweetie who sent her roses.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Now it is time for the conformation "Super Bowl"! The Westminster Kennel Club dog show will be televised on Monday and Tuesday. I enjoy watching this show, seeing my favorite breeds and checking out others. Here's hoping a Sheltie wins the Herding group.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

First Snow

We finally had a measurable (3") of snow Friday afternoon into Saturday morning. Dixie's first snow! She tried to eat it all, and when that didn't work, she found out how much fun it is to run in the snow. I managed to snap a few pictures...

Cosi (left) and Dixie (right) wait for their release command before coming outside. Good Doggies!

Dixie, come! I'm comin', Ma.

Dixie plays "keep away" with the toy with Cosi.

When Cosi and Dixie put their heads together, Jack says they are Speaking RyLaddian.

Dixie's 6-month portrait. What a nice profile.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dixie's Training

I love foundation work. I'd rather work foundation exercises than do tons of sequencing. So, on a cold, dark winter morning, I pull out my Susan Garrett's Success With One Jump video. I wanted a refresher on some of the exercises to work at today's practice. Well, Miss Dixie was quite intent on watching this video. I videotaped her with my iPad and shot the following:

Dixie Watches Susan Garrett

She continued watching so much so that I shot a second video:

Dixie learns jump exercises from Encore.

Dixie's agility training should go quite quickly, eh? Now all I have to do is teach her numbers 1 through 20!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Big Boy 7

Today Cosi is seven years old. I can't believe it! He still seems like the 18-month-old, gangly dog I got in 2007. He is my joy, my wonder, my teammate. Happy Birthday, RyLadd Spontaneous Combustion, "Cosworth," Cosi, Cosi-Bear, Bear-Bear.

Trax (l) and Cosi (r) celebrate their birthday. Trax is Cosi's littermate and is owned and handled expertly by Heather Ortega.

What a face! So stinkin' cute. There's nothing sweeter than a Sheltie pup.

Sitting on his "patio." He still does this. He will find a place near the house and lie down, watching the entire yard, happy to observe.

Cosi loves, loves, loves to run. I am so fortunate that I have a place to take him where he can just rip. Look at the joy on his face! And, of course, he's barking.

Cosi loves to have his picture taken. He actually holds his breath, puts his chin up regally, and stares into the camera. He's drop-dead gorgeous. Happy Birthday to the best dog on the planet.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Lot of Firsts

Dixie continues to rack up a lot of "firsts" and continues to do well. Yesterday she had her first bath. She's up to 6.5 pounds, but wet she looks more like a wet skeleton! Our leash walking is coming along nicely. We went for a run in the field at Coleen's, and I kept her leash on. As with a lot of things, Cosi led the way. He went for a run and then came back to me. I ran with her with the leash on, then called her back to me. When I took off her leash, she ran with Cosi but came back when called. I was afraid to keep her off leash for long as the fence is large wire squares, which I am sure she can get through. I will keep working her in short spurts until I know her recall is 100 percent.

She is losing her baby teeth. I find a lot of them and put them in a small pill jar. She will be 6 months old on the 11th--which would have been Brisco's 14th birthday.

Here are some pictures from a Saturday in January...

A wet Dixie right after her bath.

Cosi and Dixie in the yard. I am throwing the ball for them and caught them on a quick break.

Throw the ball, woman!!