Saturday, January 26, 2013

First Snow

We finally had a measurable (3") of snow Friday afternoon into Saturday morning. Dixie's first snow! She tried to eat it all, and when that didn't work, she found out how much fun it is to run in the snow. I managed to snap a few pictures...

Cosi (left) and Dixie (right) wait for their release command before coming outside. Good Doggies!

Dixie, come! I'm comin', Ma.

Dixie plays "keep away" with the toy with Cosi.

When Cosi and Dixie put their heads together, Jack says they are Speaking RyLaddian.

Dixie's 6-month portrait. What a nice profile.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dixie's Training

I love foundation work. I'd rather work foundation exercises than do tons of sequencing. So, on a cold, dark winter morning, I pull out my Susan Garrett's Success With One Jump video. I wanted a refresher on some of the exercises to work at today's practice. Well, Miss Dixie was quite intent on watching this video. I videotaped her with my iPad and shot the following:

Dixie Watches Susan Garrett

She continued watching so much so that I shot a second video:

Dixie learns jump exercises from Encore.

Dixie's agility training should go quite quickly, eh? Now all I have to do is teach her numbers 1 through 20!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Big Boy 7

Today Cosi is seven years old. I can't believe it! He still seems like the 18-month-old, gangly dog I got in 2007. He is my joy, my wonder, my teammate. Happy Birthday, RyLadd Spontaneous Combustion, "Cosworth," Cosi, Cosi-Bear, Bear-Bear.

Trax (l) and Cosi (r) celebrate their birthday. Trax is Cosi's littermate and is owned and handled expertly by Heather Ortega.

What a face! So stinkin' cute. There's nothing sweeter than a Sheltie pup.

Sitting on his "patio." He still does this. He will find a place near the house and lie down, watching the entire yard, happy to observe.

Cosi loves, loves, loves to run. I am so fortunate that I have a place to take him where he can just rip. Look at the joy on his face! And, of course, he's barking.

Cosi loves to have his picture taken. He actually holds his breath, puts his chin up regally, and stares into the camera. He's drop-dead gorgeous. Happy Birthday to the best dog on the planet.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Lot of Firsts

Dixie continues to rack up a lot of "firsts" and continues to do well. Yesterday she had her first bath. She's up to 6.5 pounds, but wet she looks more like a wet skeleton! Our leash walking is coming along nicely. We went for a run in the field at Coleen's, and I kept her leash on. As with a lot of things, Cosi led the way. He went for a run and then came back to me. I ran with her with the leash on, then called her back to me. When I took off her leash, she ran with Cosi but came back when called. I was afraid to keep her off leash for long as the fence is large wire squares, which I am sure she can get through. I will keep working her in short spurts until I know her recall is 100 percent.

She is losing her baby teeth. I find a lot of them and put them in a small pill jar. She will be 6 months old on the 11th--which would have been Brisco's 14th birthday.

Here are some pictures from a Saturday in January...

A wet Dixie right after her bath.

Cosi and Dixie in the yard. I am throwing the ball for them and caught them on a quick break.

Throw the ball, woman!!