Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Lot of Firsts

Dixie continues to rack up a lot of "firsts" and continues to do well. Yesterday she had her first bath. She's up to 6.5 pounds, but wet she looks more like a wet skeleton! Our leash walking is coming along nicely. We went for a run in the field at Coleen's, and I kept her leash on. As with a lot of things, Cosi led the way. He went for a run and then came back to me. I ran with her with the leash on, then called her back to me. When I took off her leash, she ran with Cosi but came back when called. I was afraid to keep her off leash for long as the fence is large wire squares, which I am sure she can get through. I will keep working her in short spurts until I know her recall is 100 percent.

She is losing her baby teeth. I find a lot of them and put them in a small pill jar. She will be 6 months old on the 11th--which would have been Brisco's 14th birthday.

Here are some pictures from a Saturday in January...

A wet Dixie right after her bath.

Cosi and Dixie in the yard. I am throwing the ball for them and caught them on a quick break.

Throw the ball, woman!!