Monday, February 18, 2013

Bayshore Trial

What a weekend! Cosi and I started the 2013 season at the Bayshore trial in New Jersey at Dream Park. On Friday we ran in FAST and NQ'd on a really difficult send bonus. It was A-frame, tunnel, then a jump. The entrance to the tunnel was the far end so the dog had to pass one entrance and go in the next. Cosi just went in the wrong entrance. Many dogs took the off-course dummy jump that was just outside the send bonus line. We had a great run, a good way to get in the flow of running at a trial. Then we Q'd in standard and came in third after Karen Gaydos' two awesome dogs (one of which is Cosi's daddy!).

Saturday was our big day. We Q'd in FAST with 79 points (a perfect score is 80) and went on to jumpers. We had a glorious run and came in 5th. Then standard...we ended up tying for second place with a super dog owned by Maureen Waldren. So a QQQ on Saturday with placements. Awesome.

We NQ'd on Sunday with one bar down in standard and two down in jumpers.

The courses all weekend were fabulous, flowing and challenging. We got three Q's towards our qualifications for next year's Nationals and one QQ. We are now up to 4 QQ's towards the MACH title.

Sunday was our wedding anniversary. What more proof of love do you need when your spouse is supporting you in your passion, your pastime. I've always said you gotta love a man who loves a Sheltie. Love you, Jack. Thanks for a great weekend.

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