Thursday, February 21, 2013

Van Detail

At the trial last weekend I bought a custom car magnet. I love reading the vanity plates at a trial. My favorite of all time is Shirley Barkan's plate on her Poodle van. It's PQQDLES. Get it? QQ? I'm not that clever, so I bought a magnet that has Cosi's registered name on it. Here's a picture of Dixie, me, and Cosi in the hotel room with our new prize:

Now I'll be able to find our van in the sea of agility vehicles at a trial!


corbinwooten said...

Oh wow! That is awesome! Does that vendor have a website?

Ps: my license plate is "CSHLTRN"... See sheltie run :)

Sheltie Owner said...

Great license plate! The web site for the magent is