Monday, March 25, 2013


This weekend we traveled to New Jersey to attend the SOJAC trial. Cosi Q'd in FAST on Saturday, with a score of 78 in only 29 seconds. We love FAST class. Then on Sunday we had a very technical course in standard with wrap arounds twice on the course and an ending that caught a lot of teams. I bet the Q rate on it was about 10 percent. So I looked at it as a good training run. Cosi came up to the challenge with gorgeous wraps, nice and tight around the uprights. He dropped the panel bar (ugh!!) but otherwise had a fabulous run. I was thrilled. To "make up" for the difficult standard run, the jumpers course was f.u.n. It flowed, it was fast, it was a blast to run. We Q'd with a time of 27.10.

Dixie was the belle of the ball back in the crating area. She met another RyLadd dog, Wicked. She was flirting non-stop with Wicked, who has modeled for Ralph Lauren! Here is a photo of the RyLadd gang (Caitlyn, Wicked, Bonnie, Dixie, and Cosi).

Dixie also made it into the stands to watch the action.  Here she is sporting her new Foxfire leash: 

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