Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Training & Trials

Cosi and I have been busy training and going to trials this spring. Here it is mid-April already! We will be at trials every weekend now until mid-May. In training we are working on the "new" style of handling which includes a lot of 180's and wrapping around the back side of a jump. I've been lax with his contact work, so I'm ramping that up (no pun intended, well...maybe pun intended) as well.

Dixie continues to learn and play. She had the best time last night. I took Cosi for a run in the field and had Dixie come along, off leash. She was superb, coming back to me when called. Then Coleen brought two of her dogs out to run. Well! Miss Dixie was in heaven. She ran, chased other dogs, got chased by other dogs, and sprinted after a toy, keeping up with everyone. On the way home, she was sleeping so soundly in her crate, completely worn out. That's good to see. Good exercise + good mental stimulation = good rest.

We've been having a spurt of super warm--summer-like almost--weather this week. It makes me think I need to get Cosi back into swimming. So much to little time!

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