Sunday, April 21, 2013

USDAA Showcase Weekend

Wow! What a weekend. Cosi was the best dog on the planet this weekend, with Dixie coming in a close second. First, Cosi...

We are now in P2 in USDAA and entered the Showcase because it is so close to home. It is the perfect opportunity to get a boatload of runs. I didn't enter any tournament rounds as they tend to occur so late in the day at a huge event like this.

We ended up qualifying twice on Friday in Gamblers and Pairs, once on Saturday in a much-needed Jumpers course, and twice on Sunday in Pairs and Snooker(!).

Heather and her daughter, Jordan, came to stay with us and made the entire event fun. Their dogs Trax and Maverick blended into our pack, going for runs in the yard with my gang as well as on nice walks in the evening.

Jordan was a great cameraperson for Cosi and me. Thanks to her I have video of our runs. Here is the list on YouTube:

Friday Gamblers

Friday Pairs with Trax (da brudders)

Saturday Jumpers

Sunday Pairs again with Trax

My favorite run with Cosi - Snooker

Dixie was great on Friday and Saturday at the trial. She is learning to hang out in the soft crate with Cosi, how to be left behind when he goes for a run, and how to walk around a trial site with manners (no, you don't lunge at every dog you see; yes, strangers are going to pet you). My friend Nancy was crated next to us (it was Sheltie-ville in our area). Her brother, Mike, had a camera and took some pictures of Cosi and Dixie. I love how he captured their expressions. He very generously gave me a CD of the photos he took. Here are my favorites:

Cosi looking at me. I love the sweet potatoes on his chin whiskers!

Dixie watches me, holding position for a treat.

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