Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let the summer begin...

My favorite time of year is the summer. Love the heat, love the lazy weekends (when there is no agility!), and love the long days. We have been having company non-stop since the beginning of May! I was thrilled to see our Anna and Aurora in May. Aurora went to agility practice with us, and showed she hasn't lost a step. Anna was inspired to find an agility club in her new home. She got her first calling in Edmonton at a local church. SO PROUD and HAPPY for her! Then we visited family for a week while the pups stayed at home. I missed them so much. I came back on agility class night. After riding a full day in the car, I packed up the gear bag and we headed out. Cosi was fun and brilliant, meeting challenges in class and loving it. Dixie continues in her foundation training. We have a light agility schedule this summer, hoping to snag those 50 points we need for Nationals.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dear Santa...

I felt this weekend was like Christmas, so many gifts and blessings came our way.

First, Mary came all the way from Virginia to visit with us and to see Cosi run and check on Dixie. (She measured Dixie at 12". Perfect.) It was a terrific visit; the only drawback was that it was too short. Cosi and I were really clicking this weekend: we Q'd in FAST, took first in T2B (for the first time ever!), QQ'd on Saturday and Sunday, took first in standard on Saturday, and finished all but 50 points to qualify for Nationals next year. As if that weren't enough, the cherry on the sundae was Mary seeing us run.

I heard from friends at the trial that it was officially announced that Nationals will be in Harrisburg, PA, next March. Unbelievable! That is only 40 minutes away. See what I mean about Christmas and blessings!? A stellar weekend with the best dog on the planet.

Video from Sunday: