Monday, July 22, 2013

Cheswick Videos

O.M.G. I just watched our videos on the big screen TV. What a weekend! He did three--3!!--sets of independent weaves. At age 7 Cosi is really coming into his own. I can trust him to do his job and he can trust me to get into place. I was thrilled with our contacts--he actually waited for me to release him--and so pleased with our team work. I love this dog.

Here are the videos on YouTube:

Friday Standard

Saturday Standard

Saturday Jumpers

Sunday T2B

Sunday Standard - a QQ

Sunday JWW - a QQ


We went to one of my favorite trials of the year--Cheswick, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It's an indoor, *air conditioned* trial with plenty of crating space. This year the judges were some I had shown under before, and I liked their courses. It all added up to a great weekend.

To qualify for 2014 Nationals, we needed 50 more points. We got 74. We even snagged #8 QQ on Sunday. The jumpers course on Sunday lent to having independent weaves, and Cosi came through like gang busters. I left him to weave and ran to the landing side of the next jump. He looked up to find me when he was done weaving (good man!!), and we were off. Only 26 seconds later, we were finished. It was a blast of a course, a rush to run.

Dixie was a superstar in her own right. She is doing very well at being left in the crate while Uncle Cosi leaves to play agility. I took her to the practice jump in the morning before the trial began. She jumped the 12" jump with ease and excitement. Only two weeks ago, she was trying to limbo the bar, going under it!

We have to find a better hotel for next year. The one we stayed in has seen better days, and the clientele was a bit iffy. There was a guy living out of his car in the parking lot. Oh, my.

Another fun part of the weekend was spent with fellow Sheltie owners/handlers. We went to dinner one evening and enjoyed talking about our pups. Gotta love Sheltie people...LOL.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dixie!

RyLadd How Do You Like Me Now turns one today.  "Dixie" is a joy with a rough and ready attitude.  Dixie-Doodle, Doodlebug, Bug-Bug, Party Pants, Fancy Pants--they all mean the same thing.  My wild and wonderful Dixie girl.

Dixie poses in the yard. She is 6 months old and needs to grow coat!

Dixie's favorite spot on the porch.

Dixie's favorite person in the world--her Daddy.