Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Kind of Adventure

My sister and her family--including her 10-month-old grandson--came to visit. Dixie had not been around babies before. I wasn't sure Cosi had before he came to live with me. I was anxious, not knowing how the dogs would react to a reaching and grabbing baby. Cosi amazed me. He was so laid back, so sweet with the baby. At first Dixie was unsure about this little being and barked sharply at it. I asked her to "come, touch" as I do anything that startles or frightens her. After a few sniffs, she decided this would be a fun thing to herd. For the next three days, she circled and herded the baby whenever he was on the floor. The day my sister's family left, all the dogs slept almost the entire day. Company wears them out!

Dixie and the baby say, "hello."

The baby gives Jenny his version of "a kiss."

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fun at Aunt Wilma's

Cosi, Dixie and I went to Aunt Wilma's for a visit today. The day started out cloudy and overcast, and I worried that we would be inside when Wilma has such a lovely back yard. As the day wore on, the sun came out, the humidity vanished, and we had the perfect summer day.

Wilma has a unique back yard complete with a swimming pool, stream, pond, potting shed, and fun trails for little dogs. Her dog, Posey, greeted me as I came in the house. Posey is a dear little Norfolk terrier. As I took Dixie and Cosi on an on-leash tour on the trail, Dixie became completely fascinated with this little stone bridge that went over the small waterfall.

Here is Dixie posed on the waterfall bridge rock:

I let her explore, and I was laughing as she went all over the rocks at the side of the running water, sticking paws and nose in it.

I guess she's an outdoors dog like her mountain-climbing Daddy.

Cosi, however, lounged poolside, and sat with Wilma at the potting shed. We tried to get Posey to stay for the picture, but she was busy wanting to go visit with Cousin Dixie some more. The dogs got along great.

He was in the shade, on the cool cement, watching the younger generation go crazy for a bit of running water. With age comes wisdom, eh?

Monday, August 5, 2013


Dixie, Mike, Jenny, Rumor, Cosi, Priceless, Whimsey

We had an great weekend! There were 6 Shelties and 1 Poodle in my house. Mary came to visit and brought Rumor, Priceless, and Whimsey. All the dogs got along; Dixie remembered Auntie Rumor from her puppyhood and stuck like glue to Rumor all weekend. On Friday I had a premier grooming lesson from a pro. I trimmed Cosi's and Dixie's ears and the change in their look was dramatic. Then I learned how to trim feet and hocks. I was trying to soak it all in like a sponge.

Saturday was overcast and rain would pop up now and then. Undaunted, we headed out to Lititz to search for treasures at the various antique shops. We ate a delightful lunch at a local pub (LOVE pub food) then headed to Wilbur Chocolate factory store for some treats. On one final foray we picked up some scissors and a slicker brush to complete my grooming supplies. Back home, we fed the dogs and got ready to go to the Agility Picnic at Canine Companions Sports Center. What fun! The food was varied, homemade, and I had way too many desserts! Then we went to the van and got the dogs. We took them for a run in the fields, then over to the pond for a cooling down. Cosi immediately went in up to his belly in the pond (he used to do that when he went to camp at Coleen's). Priceless and Dixie were a bit more tentative but only at first. They each went swimming after a bit. There were lots of dogs dock jumping and retrieving in the pond, making for a very excited atmosphere. Mary said she was heartened to see so many different breeds all together, getting along, enjoying the activity. We took four tired pups home to rest up for another day.

On Sunday the day was bright and clear with zero humidity, a rarity for August. Mary and I hit the local outlet stores and found some treasures for ourselves. We got home to let the dogs play in the yard with a huge ball that I have (it's really an exercise ball for humans). It was comical to see six dogs running after a ball that is three times bigger than they are! Mary left after lunch, and as I was sitting at the computer answering emails, I noticed the dogs were all in their favorite places, sound asleep. Apparently having company wore them out. I loved it. Come again any time Auntie Rumor, Mama Whimsey, and Sweet Pricey!