Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Kind of Adventure

My sister and her family--including her 10-month-old grandson--came to visit. Dixie had not been around babies before. I wasn't sure Cosi had before he came to live with me. I was anxious, not knowing how the dogs would react to a reaching and grabbing baby. Cosi amazed me. He was so laid back, so sweet with the baby. At first Dixie was unsure about this little being and barked sharply at it. I asked her to "come, touch" as I do anything that startles or frightens her. After a few sniffs, she decided this would be a fun thing to herd. For the next three days, she circled and herded the baby whenever he was on the floor. The day my sister's family left, all the dogs slept almost the entire day. Company wears them out!

Dixie and the baby say, "hello."

The baby gives Jenny his version of "a kiss."

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