Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fun at Aunt Wilma's

Cosi, Dixie and I went to Aunt Wilma's for a visit today. The day started out cloudy and overcast, and I worried that we would be inside when Wilma has such a lovely back yard. As the day wore on, the sun came out, the humidity vanished, and we had the perfect summer day.

Wilma has a unique back yard complete with a swimming pool, stream, pond, potting shed, and fun trails for little dogs. Her dog, Posey, greeted me as I came in the house. Posey is a dear little Norfolk terrier. As I took Dixie and Cosi on an on-leash tour on the trail, Dixie became completely fascinated with this little stone bridge that went over the small waterfall.

Here is Dixie posed on the waterfall bridge rock:

I let her explore, and I was laughing as she went all over the rocks at the side of the running water, sticking paws and nose in it.

I guess she's an outdoors dog like her mountain-climbing Daddy.

Cosi, however, lounged poolside, and sat with Wilma at the potting shed. We tried to get Posey to stay for the picture, but she was busy wanting to go visit with Cousin Dixie some more. The dogs got along great.

He was in the shade, on the cool cement, watching the younger generation go crazy for a bit of running water. With age comes wisdom, eh?

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