Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Down Time

Now that the marathon of 5 straight weekends of trials is over, I'm evaluating next steps. I enrolled in Puppy Peaks again for the year, and I'm thinking of going through the body awareness modules again. I want to work with both Dixie and Cosi on rear end awareness.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Marathon Update

Cosi and I have been on a marathon pace this fall. We have been going to trials ever since the last weekend in September. We have two more to go. Last weekend in Northumberland we managed to snag two jumpers placements and one FAST placement. Seems it wasn't our weekend for standard courses. :(

I have been working jumping foundation skills with Cosi. With Judy Kolva's help, I've devised some exercises to cue him for turning better. With two first place placements in jumpers last weekend, I'd say it's working!

I had a very nice compliment last weekend. A fellow competitor--also a Sheltie person--came up to me after our FAST run. Cosi and I were eating our breakfast sandwich (thinking of you, Anna!). She patted Cosi's head and said, "Can I just say how much I love this dog?" I was stunned. Wow. What a lovely thing to say. I stuttered a reply, but really took the compliment to heart. I know I love him, but to have a fellow competitor appreciate his skill and joy of running--that really meant a lot to me.