Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Parents

I love my parents.

My Dad
I love how my Dad is so well read. As I sit in his home office/den/library and look at the shelves of books, I'm impressed not only by the books in his collection, but the fact that they've obviously been read. There are a number of books on religion, church histories, and Bible interpretations. I tease him that he's crammin' for the final. I could always bring anyone home--friends, boyfriends, school mates--and my father could talk to anyone about anything. I loved to "show him off."

My Mom
Mom loves sports, all dogs, and just plain being with other people. She's the original "joiner." It's difficult to list all the clubs, community groups, and committees she's served. She knows everyone and enjoys an evening of cards, planning the next fund raiser, or deciding what type of flowers to plant in the commumity's entrance. My husband and mother can often be found in front of the TV watching baseball, basketball, or football. And it doesn't have to be professional level sports; Mom is the first one at the local AAA baseball game or to her grandson's middle school football scrimmage. She loves it all.

Loved spending Christmas and time with Mom and Dad. I get my batteries recharged and feel grounded when I'm around them. I'm getting more like my mom and dad every day--and I couldn't be more proud of that fact.

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Acadia Shelties said...

This is such a nice post. I sure hope your parents see it. People don't get to hear such nice things said about them (esp. from their kids!)
Lucky you to have such wonderful parents.