Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Jamie and Punkie

We lost another good dog (to the Rainbow Bridge) this past week--it was my sister's dog, Punkie.

Jamie got Punkie in an unusual way. She had a golden retriever, Sophie, who was the perfect family dog for her growing boys.

Then she met a woman through her church who had a little Schnauzer that she adored. She mostly fed it cookies (I mean Lorna Dunes, not dog treats) so Punkie was really fat. This woman didn't have much, but she adored her dog and spoiled her. When she suffered a stroke and had to leave her home for a nursing home, she asked Jamie to take in Punkie. Because Sophie had died of old age, Jamie and her family decided to add Punkie to their family.

Punkie soon had daily walks, lots of people to "talk" to (she loved to grumble as you pet her), and lost about 10 pounds! Punkie lived such a good life with love and companionship. We will truly miss her sweet expression and grumblings.

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The Bradley Dogs said...

The Bradley Dogs all are saddened to hear about Punkie, but they know she is now running and playing at the Bridge with many of our friends who are already there.