Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sparky Spunky

Brisco and I at Nationals

You wouldn't know it to look at him, but Brisco is quite the character. This little Sheltie had my heart from the very start, and to this day (9 years later) he still makes me laugh.

Brisco is an easy-going, "hey, how's it going?" kind of dog. But...put a leash on him and take him to an agility ring, and he's talking trash to every dog he passes.

Every now and then at home I'll get the soft toys out. Well, this just sets him off! He acts like he's 1 and flies around the kitchen, barking and bouncing. I love that fake-you-out kind of move that dogs have when they're playing. They run at you, fake left and run to the right.

This morning we had a fun play session--at 6:15! Brisco was a wild thing, which I encouraged just because I love to see him like this. Cosi was just sitting there, watching this Gong Show and Brisco was a maniac, running around the kitchen table with a stuffed squirrel toy in his mouth. I love this dog. He brings joy and celebration to my life.

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