Friday, December 3, 2010

Meet the Gang

I had a request for more pictures of my dogs, so here goes:

Brisco is my champion. We attained our MACH in September 2005. He's now 11 years old and still the sweetest, dearest dog. His temperment has always been one of quiet ease. He loves where he is and is happy to just hang out. His favorite thing in the whole world is to lie in the grass in his yard, watching everything around him, occasionally snoozing in the sun.


Jenny is 10 and still rules the roost. She keeps her boys in line. Jenny's comfort comes above all else. Therefore, she always has the best seat on the couch, the best vantage point to bark at the squirrels (from the top of the love seat), and the best lap (Daddy's) after dinner.


Mike was my second agility sheltie, and he loved the game, but played it differently than Brisco. Where Brisco went all out, Mike was cautious, wanting to get everything right. Mike's sweet nature means that his cuddles are extra special as they are perfectly timed. He knows just when you need that extra attention; he is such a dear. His favorite thing is to see the ducks at the pond when we go on our walks at the local retirement village. I would love to take him herding as his father is a champion herder.


Cosi came into my life and changed everything. I was crusing along, thinking I was a good agility handler, knowing a lot about it. Wrong! Cosi challenged me to get fitter, faster, and think in a whole new way about my dog training. He's a joy to be around--a fun dog through and through. I would have quit agility if it weren't for Cosi. He's brought so much joy into my life, and I am forever grateful.


Debbie said...

Such a treat seeing all your loves on your Blog.

Caren Gittleman said...

wonderful dogs!!!!

After all it IS a Sheltie blog! Sooooo...we LOVE seeing Shelties! (as well as your other dog too!)