Sunday, April 25, 2010

Club Trial

Our club trial was this weekend, and I worked two 12-hour days. Wow. Plus, I had out-of-town visitors at home. Unfortunately, I feel I was a terrible host, showing up for dinner, then disappearing before breakfast the next day.

I did find a new skill this weekend. I have always enjoyed scribing, but I gave it up this weekend for a new job: score table. USDAA has gone to electronic scoring, using a computer application written specifically for the score table. I must say, for a newbie who does not understand the scoring, rules, and various classes, it certainly made the entire process simple. It can be a two-person job, but since we were so short-handed for the trial, I took on both jobs of entering data in pencil in a book then electronically into the computer. With two monitors attached to the computer, exhibitors could come to the score table and see the results in real time. Quite impressive.

I had to laugh, though. Many "old timers" would come to the table and comment how they liked the old accumulator sheets and not this new electronic stuff. I hear things like that all the time in my computer classes. We like the way we learned, and don't try to change it!

I've seen AKC clubs using two monitors to show competitors the results in real time. I believe it was at one of the trials where Rhonda Toren was the secretary.

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