Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Mike turns six today, April 26. What a joy he is! What a sweet, sweet dog. Here are some photos of my Mike-N-Ike...

Kathy and I went to Cadie's to check out her puppies. Mike stole my heart.

Mike's wide-eyed innocence always shows on his face.

Mike's coat is spectacular. He's got the dark markings of his tri-colored daddy along with the sable. I love to groom him and get him looking handsome.

One talent that Mike possesses is that he can howl. Man, can he sing! And now he's taught my other three dogs--even Brisco!--to howl. Of course, I can't catch them at it, but I have enjoyed the song from afar.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart.


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Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to a most handsome guy !!! I'm one of your admirers..

Acadia Shelties said...

Happy Birthday Mike!!! I am another one of your admirers!