Saturday, August 21, 2010

Are you ready for some dog walks?

How come...

There's a channel for every sport known to men:





car/horse racing



Many of these channel I just don't plain understand. How come there's no dog agility channel? Wouldn't it be glorious to flip the dials and come upon European competition, World Team tryouts, or just Podunk's trial from last weekend?

Come on, you great savvy business people, get with it! Give us an Agility Channel. You know what the call letters are, don't you? Channel CLNRUN? Or how about just Channel K9S?

Until then, here's a video of Cosi's jumpers run from Cheswick in July. Enjoy.


Diana said...

Great idea. Then could do all types of dog events. what fun. Diana

Sheltie Owner said...

I *know*! They could have local trials, national events, training sessions, explanation of rules (like a news segment), and all the BIG names in agility would have a whole new venue to reach people with their training ideas.

*Sigh* If only wishes came true...