Saturday, February 26, 2011

Foundation Work

This week in class I reaped the dividends of foundation work. You know, the "borning" stuff: round-the-clock work on a jump, two jump sequences practicing front and rear crosses, or plank work for contacts. We had a jumpers course that required a lead out and a pivot (change of line). The correct handler position was to be near jump 3. Most dogs took jump 1 and then bailed on jump 2 and came to the handler at 3. I was thrilled when Cosi took jump 2 because he stayed on his line as my body indicated.

It's those little moments in agility that just pump me up! I watch him and am amazed how much he knows and how much fun he's having. Our spring agility season starts in two weeks. I'm like a little kid at Christmas; I can't wait.

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