Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Skyrocketing Gas Prices

It seems everytime I pass the gas stations on the way to and from work, the prices are going ever upward. I wonder if someone has a full-time job posting the new (hourly?) prices.

This may have an impact on agility. I've seen trends before when prices/class/run went up and everyone cut back on their going to trials. You could send in an entry with just a stamp, avoiding the costly overnight delivery expenses, because the trials weren't filling. You could easily get in the classes and runs you wanted. Then the pendulum shifted, and trials were filling by the second day. Back to overnight delivery for entries!

I'm wondering if the gas prices will be prohibitive enough to keep people "local" (that's anywhere in a 100-mile range for agility folks) and not participate in the larger trials in other states. What do you see in your area? Are trials filling?

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