Friday, March 25, 2011

Recallers 2.0

I just registered for Susan Garrett's next on-line course, Recallers 2.0. Her 5-minute formula is brilliant. It really changed the way I work with my dogs. Instead of yanking on a leash and correcting, we play games. These games, designed to build reinforcement for *me* to be their cookie, makes it *their* decision to come to me, to want to work, to seek out "da mamma." Plus it is a fun, fun way to train. It beats the socks off the old hard discipline methods of the past. And who doesn't have 5 minutes to play a game each day with your dog?

I'll keep you posted on our fun and success. Cosi sure enjoyed Recallers 1.0! I know he's ready for more.

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