Saturday, April 2, 2011


Last night our educators group (7 retired teachers/administrators and me) got together for our quarterly dinner and activity. Since there are four couples, we each take a turn organizing an activity and dinner for the group. This means the difficult decision of where to eat and what would engage this fun-loving, competitive group.

Last night we played laser tag. What a hoot! We were among four other groups that played. We were divided into a Red team and a Blue team. There were all age ranges and levels of experience. We were all on the Blue team and were hammered by the Red team, which, apparently, had experienced and *young* players.

Afterwards we went to a unique restaurant. It's theme is Robin Hood. They even have a tree house with a real tree growing right through the center where you can dine in privacy, overlooking the countryside. I'm sure in warmer weather, it would be lovely. The menu is pub fare, quite good. Then when the bill comes, you get to choose from three non-profit charities. Five percent of your bill goes to the charity--take from the rich and give to the poor. See? How cool is that!

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