Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Curse Continues

Every year Dauphin has a four-day trial in the spring and a three-day trial in the fall. And every year the weather is absurd. I remember one year there was a hurricane! After all these years outdoors, Dauphin finally moved indoors. However, the curse continued. We had 40 mph winds and wild rain today. Just bizzare.

Cosi has been doing well, keeping his head in the game for three days. We had a glorious Excellent FAST run this morning, snagging 79 of 80 points. I hadn't done that since Novice FAST. We came in third behind two top dogs, each of which had 80 points. I was very pleased with his run.

It continued in Excellent Standard. (see video below). I did my lead out, and he stood up (for the first time in a long time), testing the criteria. I gave him the hand signal for sit, and he did. I immediately released him and we were off. His stride was off, so he hit the double. But the rest of the run was fabulous! We were connected, he read my body commands (opposite arm to indicate *not* to take an obstacle), and we had a fast time. It's runs like this that keep me wanting to play.

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