Monday, March 14, 2011


Cosi and I went to NJ for our first trial of the season. Our standard run on Saturday was textbook. He had perfect contacts, outstanding weaves, and good lateral distance. The connection between us was awesome. Here's the video:

Our jumpers runs this weekend were sooooooooooo close. On Saturday I pulled too soon and he popped at #10 weave pole. Totally my fault. Then on Sunday he had a Wahoo! spin, and the judge rung him up for a refusal. *sigh* We seem snake-bit in jumpers. On the plus side: #1 all the bars stayed up for both runs, #2 I got in front crosses, and #3 we ran a good, controled run. I'm feeling positive that we'll get a JWW Q soon.


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Coleen said...

Very Nice Run, Bonnie and Cosi!

Beth said...

Good job!! Way to start the season!!