Sunday, September 20, 2009

Belle of the Ball

This weekend was the SSCGB trial in Westminster. It's an all-Sheltie trial and my favorite trial of the year. This time was no exception. There's a different feel at this trial, a camaraderie because we all love the same breed, I guess. Or it could just be that Sheltie people are the *best*?!

Cosi had a great weekend with the best Excellent Standard run we've ever had. That Open jumpers Q (last leg needed) still eluded us, but the course on Saturday was fabulous. It flowed and had a high Q rate. Cosi slipped on the soccer carpet and dropped a bar. I was very pleased with our runs because it felt we were connected.

The Belle of the Ball was Summer Vidalia Bradley. From a puppy mill breeding bitch to an agility star, everyone was wowed by Summer's runs. What heart this little dog has! It was a joy to see her working.

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The Bradley Dogs said...

Cosi did a great job, especially on Saturday, and Summer thought he was the most handsome Sheltie at the trial, and there were many Shelties at the trial :-)

Thanks for your support of Summer from even before the start of her agility career!

Marilyn and Summer