Sunday, September 6, 2009

NJ Weekend

Cosi, Aurora, Anna, and I went to NJ for a trial this weekend. The facility was awesome; an equestrian facility that is perfect for dog trials. We had some good runs. The Excellent FAST class was were especially fun. The Send in the two courses were opposites--Saturday's was impossible and Sunday's was do-able. It was fun mapping out a strategy with Coleen today. We both ran the course the same: She Q'd with her BC. It was a thing of beauty to watch.

Marilyn was very successful with Summer, her sheltie. This was Summer's first AKC trial. She came through like a trooper. The judge was a little too close on one course, but Summer's will to work won out. She Q'd in Novice and looked fabulous.

We may be going back to this site to trial, but will *definitely* not be staying at the Motel 6, a flea-infested hole of a motel. Both our dogs got fleas. The washer is running as I write this. Everything that we took to the trial will go through a good washing--toys, mats, collars, and beds.

The other plus from the weekend was a gear purchase. I finally found a chair to replace mine that is falling apart at the seams. It will be embroidered with Cosi's monogram...very exciting! (Shhh. Don't tell Jack.)


Diana said...

Dont forget to wash all your stuff too. Those things like to come home in suitecases ect... Diana

Sheltie Owner said...

Right! We've sprayed the suite cases, dog crates, and the van interior. Ugh. What vile little creatures!

The Bradley Dogs said...

Aunt Bonnie, Thanks for the kind words about my runs this weekend and for taking the movie of me doing FAST. Too bad Mommy didn't know the rules. She played it like a USDAA game. Cosi ran well, too, and he is so handsome! Your pal - Summer Bradley