Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fun in the Snow

It snowed only a bit yesterday, but it was enough to have a good romp. Both Cosi and Mike love to eat snow, so to get them focused on something else, I brought out the Frisbee and the Holey Roller, their two favorite fetching toys. I was surprised that Jenny came out to play, but not only did she come out, she participated in a good-hearted catch-me-if-you-can game with Brisco. Brisco was not showing his 10 years as he acted quite like a puppy, barking and prodding Jenny, asking her to play. Then Mike and Brisco got into a I'll-be-the-sheep-and-you-be-the-dog game. Mike make a dodge, then started running in circles. Brisco, too smart for such antics, cut off the corner and herded Mike into the garden. The Mexican Standoff around the yew bush was quite funny to watch. Brisco had him right where he wanted him. =:O)

Here are some photos of our time in the snow. Judging by the snow on the noses, I'd say the dogs had fun.

Cosi's favorite toy is the Holey Roller. As I threw it, snow gathered in the center and quickly made a ball. This baffled Cos and he tried to get at the ball in the center to eat it.

It looks like Jenny is minding the glare. She needs her diva sunglasses.

Brisco checks out the neighbor's yard in between chasing Jenny and Mike.

Mike brings the Frisbee back a few times, then lies down to have a good pup-sicle chew.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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Cool Design Shelties said...

Great pictures of the dogs playing in the snow. And it's funny how even very old dogs are like young puppies when there are snow ;o)


Happy New Year to you and the family :o)