Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day

There's nothing better than a fluffy, snowy Saturday when you have no plans. We're getting about 8" of snow today, and it's perfect for the dogs. I like the fluffy snows as opposed to the heavy, wet, almost rainy snows. This is a nor'easter so it will snow all day and into tonight. Just in time for Christmas!

Here's the yard BD (before dogs mess up the nice, white blanket).

It's only 9 a.m. and already the snow is up to Mike's elbows.

Cosi is always ready for any type of weather. Isn't the snow beautiful on his red/gold coat?

Anna sure is warm on this snowy day with all the dogs around her! You've heard of a 3 Dog Night? Well, this is a four-dog afternoon. =:O)

Mike is becoming quite the cuddle bunny! Here he's loving up Anna, putting his chin on her shoulder. What a dear boy.

After you come in from playing in the snow, grab your Gumby and have a nap...

or buddy up with a Sheltie in a nice warm crate.

That's our snowy day...hope you're feeling the Christmas spirit wherever you are.

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Acadia Shelties said...

What a sweet, sweet picture of Mike snuggling!
I agree, it is SO NICE to have a big snow storm when you have no plans to travel. I love "being holed in".