Friday, January 15, 2010

Big Boy 4

January 15, 2006

Cosi is 4 years old today. Goodness, how time is flying. He came to live with us in May 2007 and it's been fun ever since. I never had a dog that just loves life like Cosi does. He makes my heart swell.

Some photos of RyLadd Spontaneous Combustion, "Cosworth" and a link to a video:

Cosi as "Chaos" at his breeder's, Mary Galloway, in Virginia. His toy is bigger than he is!

Cosi's been going to agility trials since he was very young. Here Karen Gaydos holds him at a trial in Delaware.

Cosi was socialized with other puppies, and I'm forever grateful to Mary for this. He has a very gentle nature. I like this photo. Perhaps the caption is, "How am I supposed to do the tunnel when there's a pup in there? Oh, well, let's have a snooze instead..."

Now for the video...this is a video from 2009 where we were working on our Open jumpers title. What I like so much about this video is our team work. I got out of place after jump #5, but we got back on track and finished together. I thoroughly enjoy running this dog. He's a joy and a blessing in my life. Click here to watch the video on YouTube.



Judy & Gabriel said...

We all love this boy and are blessed he came to Bonnie. What a team!!!!

The Bradley Dogs said...

Happy Birthday, Cosi. He is a beautiful boy, isn't he, Bonnie? ;-)

Marilyn, Austin, Summer and Miles

Sheltie Owner said...

Yes, Marilyn, he *is* beautiful. LOL


Diana said...

Happy Birthday! Great run! Diana