Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Most dogs like to work. They're happiest doing a job. I have a sign in my classroom that reads, "The secret to enjoying work is excellence. To do something well is to enjoy it." I think that applies to dogs as well as people.

Here are two of my dogs and their jobs.

Brisco at a herding seminar.

Brisco and I--well, mostly Brisco--tried herding at a seminar one weekend when he was about three. He loved it. I'm the blob in the blue hat, grinning at my dog. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him work the sheep. I was clueless and the instructor was impressed with "the little guy," as she called him. I wish I had more time and money so he could have continued with this job.

Jenny watches her property.

Jenny is my watchdog. Nothing gets past this dog. She thoroughly enjoys being the alarm and then moving aside to let the boys handle it. One thing I enjoy about Jenny is that she knows how to work and yet be in the most comfortable spot on the porch at the same time.

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