Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All A's

Mike--the gorgeous pup at the top of this blog page every day--had his annual checkup last night. He got all A's on his report card. Nothing more satisfying than knowing your dogs are in tip-top shape.

I had to laugh at the vet. Mike's coat is so thick and impressive; the first comment out the vet's mouth was, "Wow! What a coat! How's he handling the heat?" Mike's great in the heat; he's in the air conditioned house!

Mike's been my shy sheltie, and I've worked with him to build confidence and look to me for direction in "scary" situations. I see such progress in him and was so proud of how he handled the vet's office. It was packed with dogs, cats, and people. One person even came up to him to say hello. Mike did what I've taught him; he touches them with a nose then comes to me for a treat. We even played his favorite game (I always take a container of treats to the vet's office) called Rule Outs. When the exam was over, I asked the vet to play Rule Outs, and Mike performed beautifully. He a love, that Little Mikey-Mike.


Debbie said...

Love that little Mikey !!!

Acadia Shelties said...

Good Boy Mike!