Monday, July 26, 2010

Pittsburgh Weekend

Jack and Cosi and I traveled to Pittsburgh this past weekend for a 3-day trial in Cheswick. GREAT facility! The temperature outside was 98 with a heat index well over 100! The humidity was off the charts. I was scrounging the back of the van for a jacket as I was cold from the air-conditioning. The dogs were quite comfortable.

Cosi and I had five fabulous runs. The highlight of the weekend was an Excellent A FAST Q; I've posted the video with this article. The best part of the standard and jumpers runs were that we were together and focused. I saw a huge improvement in our jumpers runs, especially, because he wasn't racing me or getting so high that he just starts course-building. Instead I set the line and he followed. Lovely.

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Diana said...

Congrats on your weekend. What a great fast run! Diana