Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dog Sitting

Aurora is staying with us for the week while Anna is away. I know Anna reads this blog, so this is my Report for Day 1.

An excellent day. We walked for an hour at Masonic Homes. Although it was very windy, we'd walk where the trees formed a natural break. Turning the corner, however, brought the wind full force at us! Aurora handled it well, chasing the leaves that were blown across our path.

She had an excellent dinner and a good night's rest in her crate in our room. At one time in the evening, I had five dogs and me on a love seat--no easy feat! I was able to knit, even with all the dogs near me. I was toasty warm on a windy, cold night.

I'm off to run errands, so I put Aurora in her crate with the green turtle squeak toy. This toy is her favorite, and she can squeak to her heart's content while we're away.

Hope your flight went well yesterday, Anna. Aurora is great, and we're enjoying having her here.

P.S. - Jack won the golf tournament!

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