Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A New Knitting Project

As you may already know, I love to knit. One of my favorite projects is socks. They are easy to knit, work up fast so you see results quickly, and the variety of patterns keeps me interested.

When my friend Roxanne Franklin was going through chemo, I made her a pair of socks. I told her of the legend that when you knit something for someone, you incorporate one of your hairs into the object. This will forever tie this person to you. (Hey, it’s a legend. I didn’t say it’s true!) Well, I sort of modified that legend and told Roxanne that whenever I knit, my dogs are at my side. Thus there is definitely dog hair in the socks that I knit. According to the legend, Roxanne is forever tied to my Shelties. She got the biggest kick out of that. I was glad she was amused.

I got an unusual email this past week. A friend of Roxanne’s contacted me saying, “I heard that you knit socks with dog hair in them.” Apparently her vet’s once-in-a-lifetime dog is seriously ill. She would like to have me knit socks with this dog’s hair in them for the vet as a remembrance gift. I agreed to do it, and in talking to her via email, I found out the vet’s name: Dr. Sue. I know her—she’s Marilyn’s vet! Talk about 6 Degrees of Separation! Amazing.

Could this be my retirement job? Kntting socks with dog hair? Talk about a marketing niche! =;O)


Dawn said...

I think it's a sweet idea!

The Bradley Dogs said...

Roxanne told me that she was going to ask you to do this for her friend and for Dr. Sue. How wonderful! You would absolutely love Dr. Sue, and she will love the socks.